Music Media Tribe is a full day workshop for dedicated music and media students. It illustrates how media and music can work
together to create and promote a business in the real world.

The Music Media Tribe workshops now have an optional half day to fully go through the process of video optimization (using Youtube), website and social media promotion of the song we create on the full day workshop. Please enquire for further information.

Aim of the workshop

For a team of ten (10) students to write, play and produce a song with video clip and promote their product using the social media platform.

Who will be involved in the workshop?

Musicians – Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Strings, Wind and other instruments

Vocalists (up to three)

Media team (three)

The Day – Music

  1. Collectively discovering a subject and keywords to create song lyrics
  2. Building strong, meaningful chorus lyrics
  3. Creating the style, mood, tempo and rhythmical feel
  4. Creation of basic chord structure for chorus
  5. Create melody and perform chorus vocals
  6. Lyric writing session for verses and bridge (story). This session uses Speed Thinking to create the lyric content and involves whole group participation.
  7. Breakout session for instrumentalists to create the music for the intro, verses, bridge and their individual parts (ie guitars, wind instruments etc)
  8. Drums and bass work together to create defining rhythms and parts
  9. Vocalists collaborate to create backing vocals and harmonies
  10. Record keyboards then rest of instruments
  11. Finish vocal recordings
  12. Perform the song to the backing track for the Media Team to film
  13. Putting finishing touches to the recording
  14. Mixing the track

The Day – Media

  1. Media team structure their time taking notes and filming the process of the song creation
  2. Create two videos. One for the “Making Of” and a “Film Clip” (live performance)
  3. Filming and editing as the day progresses
  4. Film band performance playing to the backing track. Create film clip
  5. Finish video and upload to You Tube
  6. Link You Tube video to Web 2.0 site
  7. Promote the  video using Social Media
  8. Write a 400 word article to post on an Online Article Marketing site
  9. After the day they can finish the “Making Of” video and upload to You Tube and embed on their Web 2.0 site

Preparation prior to workshop

  1. Chord structures – creating these will save time on the day
  2. Choose a group name
  3. Create a Web 2.0 property site
  4. Create Social Media accounts
  5. Create an Online Article Marketing site account
  6. Consider options for combinations of instruments

In the decade of diversity and digital downloads it is better to know, understand and work with available technologies to create our future as musicians and film makers rather than wait to be recognized by the uncertainty of these industries.

John Bennetts

Music Media Tribe Schools

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